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KUALA LUMPUR: After a couple of similar mobile phone related mishaps took place last month, another phone exploded while it was plugged in to a charger yesterday.

The incident took place at the home of entertainment journalist Tengku Khalidah Tengku Bidin, who was shocked when her daughter shouted: “Mommy, fire, fire!”

In a Facebook posting that went viral, Tengku Khalidah said her daughter had plugged in her phone to be charged half an hour earlier before it combusted, although it did not cause any injury.

“I was in the kitchen and was shocked when my daughter shouted from my bedroom. The phone caught fire and there was smoke. Fortunately, nobody was holding the phone when it happened.

“I have always reminded my child not to use the phone while it was being charged,” she said.

Tengku Khalidah said she had one year ago replaced the battery with one the seller had claimed to be original.

She cautioned handphone users to educate their children about handling electronic devices.

“It does not matter whether or not the device or part is original. If it is time for it to blow up, it will happen so take this incident as a lesson and always advise children (about handling electronic devices).

“My friend suggested that the safest way to charge your phone is to put the device on a piece of wood and at a safe distance from any flammable items. If a phone catches fire, tell them to turn off the main switch,” she said.

The Facebook post had garnered more than 17,000 reactions and was shared almost 27,000 times. It also drew mixed criticism from netizens.

However Tengku Khalidah has since taken down the posting after receiving hateful comments.

“I was disappointed because my intention was to share my unfortunate experience and to show how important it is to be cautious when charging mobile phones but some had belittled me,” she told the New Straits Times.

Last month a policeman’s wife was electrocuted while she was making a call on her mobile phone which was being charged at their home in Taman Desa Baiduri, Cheras.

In another similar incident last month, a 28-year-old man in Yan, Kedah was injured in the face, chest and right arm when his mobile phone on charge exploded as he attempted to answer an incoming call.


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