The sky’s the limit for our digital future – but first we must lay the groundwork –

Just this week it was revealed that by mid-2016 O2 customers will be watching 100m videos on their mobiles every day. People aren’t able to get the same benefits by carrying a broadband box in their back pocket.

The business demand for mobile connectivity is also rising. It is no accident that Apple and Google chose the UK as one of the first markets to launch Apple Pay and Android Pay payment options in.

It is estimated that by 2020, 30bn devices will be wirelessly connected, supporting a global digital services market worth as much as the entire UK economy. It is generally accepted that if they don’t have a mobile strategy, they don’t have a strategy at all. Connectivity today is about much more than just fixed line broadband.

Truly ubiquitous connectivity can only be achieved if we take an integrated approach to connectivity, including Wi-Fi, mobile and broadband. If we ignore this opportunity we risk not capitalising on the potential of connectivity to fuel innovation, grow businesses and sustain Britain’s economic growth.

The opportunity is clear but we must do more or risk our position as leaders. A key focus needs to be addressing coverage. Blackspots are still denying some people in rural areas the connectivity that the rest of us take for granted. But it’s not just about rural areas; with an ever-increasing demand for data, networks will soon be overwhelmed, even in major cities, and this needs to be addressed.


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