USA TODAY – When it comes to picking the perfect gadget gift for women, it’s time to think beyond pink. Here are some of the top gadget gift picks for all kinds of gals, in every price range. In fact, I’ve recently purchased every single thing on this list. (Mostly to give as gifts to my mom, daughter, BFF, but there are a few I plan to give to myself here too.)

Mindful Mom: We all know someone who’s a little too intense, right? (Who, me?) Spire ($99.95) is a tiny fitness tracker that does a lot more than track her steps. It knows when she’s tense and needs to take a breather, and guides her through mindful meditation to bring back her focus. The Spire app is like the ultimate feel-good hub, where she can track her activity and health, and get timely tips on living a calmer, more peaceful existence.

Fashionista: Smart wearables don’t have to be ugly hunks of plastic. Ringly (starting at $195.00) is a gorgeous little piece of smart jewelry that she’ll love to wear for its looks and powerful features. Like a smartwatch, it vibrates and lights up to let her know that a message or call is buzzing her phone, and it tracks steps and distance, all while looking like a delightful little gem. It can be worn as a bracelet or a ring, and it’s water resistant so she can flash her bling rain or shine.

Multitasking Maven: Tile’s latest new trackers (starting at $25) are the saving grace for anyone who’s ever lost anything — like their wallet, keys, purse, laptop, smartphone, glasses — you name it. Tile Mate and Tile Slim are brand new, itty-bitty and more powerful than ever. The Mate goes right onto a keychain, purse, zipper, or backpack. When she presses the center button, it  syncs right to an app on her smartphone. Tile Slim works the same way — in fact this is the one I have in my wallet and stuck on the back of my laptop. They’re like magic little red flags that yell “I’m here!” whenever something goes missing. They make those I-accidentally-slept-in-and-can’t-find-anything mornings a breeze. She’ll thank you.

Sleeping Beauty: Speaking of accidentally sleeping in… If she’s not a morning person — and who can blame her? — the Sense sleep device ($149.00) is going to change her outlook. This funky little sphere chills out on her bedside table, monitoring her sleep and logging her patterns so that its Smart Alarm can wake her up each morning when she’s at her lightest phase of sleep, rather than jolting her out of a deep sleep and ruining her mood along with the rest of her day.

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