Six Tools I Can’t Live Without As A Digital Nomad – Fast Company

3. Pocket

Often during my travels I found myself too busy to read–especially when I was trying to figure out where to go next and what needed to get done that day. That’s where Pocket came in handy. The app lets you easily save articles from the web and read them on the go — whether that’s waiting for the train, standing in line at the supermarket, or sitting on the toilet. And because they’re saved to the app until you choose otherwise, you can do all that without an internet connection.

4. Dashlane

When I worked overseas, I discovered and tried dozens of apps and tools in order to keep me productive. Some I discarded days or even hours after downloading them, and others (like the six here) I relied on heavily. But cycling through so many apps meant I had more than a few of those “oh-wait-what-was-my-password-to . . . ?” moments.

Don’t be like me and wreck your brain. Get Dashlane. It stores all of your passwords and automatically fills them in for you. You can also store your credit card, driver’s license, passport, bank account, receipts, notes, and company information–you know, all those personal details you probably wouldn’t even share with a business partner.

Bonus: If you sign up here, you can get Dashlane Premium for free for six months, which lets you sync passwords across all your devices and in the cloud.

5. WorkHard Anywhere

There are loads of coworking spaces, coffee shops, and cafes to work from all over the world. But which ones have reliable Wi-Fi? Which have plenty of seats and electrical outlets? I was left guessing until a good friend of mine introduced me to WorkHard Anywhere.

The app pinpoints over 7,800 places to work from, all crowdsourced from freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads around the world. Each location is evaluated on a linear scale based on a handful of criteria: how fast the Wi-Fi is, the availability of seats, outlets, and parking, and the relative price of the food and drinks. So if you ever need to work someplace on the fly, this handy app can help you sidestep that popular tourist cafe that Yelp recommends, and find the one you’re really looking for–where you can get some work done.

6. Simple

Nothing frustrates me more than getting charged a $5 fee from the bank every time I withdraw cash overseas. Thankfully, there’s a new debit card out there that doesn’t charge international ATM fees–not even for overdrafts or card replacement!


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