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Remitly, the largest independent digital remittance company in the United States that transfers over $1.5 billion (bn) annually from its customers in the US and Canada, is now available in Massachusetts. It brings to fifty the number of US states served by the Seattle-based firm, which offers low transaction fees and swift payment overseas transfers.

Residents in the state of Massachusetts, the most populous state in the New England region of the north-eastern US with an estimated population of around 6.8 million (m) and the third most densely populated state in the US, will now be able to send money overseas through the company’s mobile app and website to loved ones and others abroad.

Given that just over one million (15%) residents in Massachusetts are foreign born and many of their family connections in other countries rely on remittances to supplement their incomes, this latest stake in the ground provides Remitly’s service across all US states in the federal republic.

The development follows final state approval being granting in Massachusetts to the international money transfer service that is touted as “relieving the burden of cross-border remittances” in America. Last year it was reported that Remitly’s business passed $1bn of remittances transferred annually.

Matt Oppenheimer, Remitly’s CEO and co-founder, commenting said: “We’re now able to serve customers in all 50 US states, helping people who need to send their hard-earned money to loved ones in other countries with lower fees and rates, and with more transparency.”


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