New music gadget set to bring streaming into the mainstream –

Each gadget comes with a Nintendo Wii-style remote that people use to search for their favourite artists, albums or songs simply by speaking into it. Aside from its catalogue of 30 million albums and songs, users can also listen to playlists compiled by the likes of Robbie Williams, Alesha Dixon, Stephen Fry and Sheryl Crow.

The first year’s subscription is built into the purchase price. After 12 months, users can either pay £60 to keep using its services or downgrade to a limited, free version that features advertising breaks.

The firm believes the Electric Jukebox could turn music streaming into a mainstream product. Despite its availability on smartphones and computers, research carried out for the company shows that globally only 40 million people use music streaming services.

Chief executive Rob Lewis said: “From our research, we know music services need to be easier and that many consumers still want a simple plug and play device, like a hi-fi system. What we have come up with is a replacement for hi-fi. It is simple to use unlike complex streaming services.” 


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