New Law Will Restrict Cell Phone Use While Driving Even Further – CBS Local

CORONA — You’ve seen it before, drivers holding their phones and checking their GPS or fiddling with a playlist.

Now a new state law is expanding cell phone safety behind the wheel.

State officials say accidents are on the rise because of cell phone use. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a new law making it illegal to hold and operate a cell phone for any reason while driving.

The new law takes effect January 1st. Fines start at $20.

“All you have to do is wait until you come to complete stop because at the end of the day everyone is losing lives,” Tamika Yarbrough said.

“I can’t always trust Siri with the correct directions, sometimes you have to look down just to see where you’re going,” Aaron Montgomery said.

If you have a cell phone holder attached to the car, you can still legally swipe at the phone while driving. However, launching apps and surfing the web will be outlawed.

“I don’t touch the cell phone at all unless I’m at a complete stop or at a parking lot,” Michael Dominguez said.



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