‘Make it culturally unforgivable’: readers on driver mobile phone penalties – The Guardian

I live less that 5 minutes walk from a main arterial road, If I choose to walk into town past the police station I will have seen 5 or 6 on the mobile whilst at the wheel, if I can see them so can the police but, Where are they?”

A few days ago I was on the M5 in Worcestershire approaching my junction, mid afternoon there was a bigger than “Transit” van weaving all over his lane when passing an artic, yep you have got it on the phone.

How’s this for a radical suggestion. Make it an offence to have a mobile in the cabin are for drivers and passengers, when you get in the car you have to put the mobiles in the boot or luggage area. If you need to use the mobile you have to pull over and stop and turn off the engine.

If you need your mobile for work the you employer should supply the appropriate hardware.

This is from a man who had a car phone pre 12 volt brick days (1986 ish) and has had some form of hands free kit ever since.


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