Longwood business sells gadget to block red-light cameras – Orlando Sentinel

A new device designed to thwart red-light cameras is now on sale in Longwood, though Orlando police say it could encourage dangerous driving.

Pete Muller, owner of Tint World Automotive Styling Centers, located at 2100 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd., said his goal isn’t to help red-light runners but to give ordinary motorists peace of mind on the roadways.

“A lot of the time, you don’t even realize you’re breaking the law, and you end up getting one of these tickets in the mail, just from an innocent mistake,” said Pete Muller, owner of Tint World Automotive Styling Centers.

The Ohio-based entrepreneur behind the noPhoto argues the device is perfectly legal, despite a state law that prohibits drivers from deliberately obscuring their license plates.

The noPhoto is a thin, black bar installed beneath a car’s license plate, with light sensors and a xenon flash. When the device detects the flash from a traffic camera, it fires its own flash, creating a glare meant to prevent the camera from taking a readable picture.

Tint World is charging $399 for the device. Fines for red-light camera violations run $158. Orlando, Apopka, Winter Park and Orange County are among the local governments that use the cameras.

The noPhoto was invented by Jonathan Dandrow, an amateur photographer and auto enthusiast who argues that red light cameras are more effective at generating revenue for cities than promoting public safety.

He and other critics argue the cameras prompt behavior that can cause accidents, such as drivers abruptly stopping at yellow lights to avoid a ticket. A recent report by Florida highway officials found an increase in collisions at monitored intersections.


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