Laptop ban may be expanded to flights from Europe – Chicago Tribune

The United States may broaden its ban on in-flight laptops and large electronics to cover some flights from European countries, a move that highlights the growing concern over the increased sophistication of terrorist bombmakers.

DHS Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke is expected to fly to Brussels on Wednesday to hammer out the details of a potential laptop ban with European Union officials. The meeting followed a call on Friday in which Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and several EU commissioners discussed the matter, a European Commission spokesman said.

The expanded ban would come just as President Donald Trump and the White House grapple with a torrent of criticism that he inappropriately divulged sensitive intelligence from a U.S. partner about the laptop-related terror threat to Russian officials last week in the Oval Office.

It would follow directives from the United States and the United Kingdom in March banning laptops and other large electronic devices in the cabins of incoming flights to the United States and the United Kingdom from several Middle East destinations.


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