How to get a cheaper mobile phone contract –

For only a little more each month, EE will offer an identical contract but with 5GB of data – this will cost £34.24 a month over two years, again taking into account the up front charge.

Weigh this up against buying the phone upfront and getting a sim-only deal alongside it. This will often work out far cheaper. When you take out a contract you’re effectively loaning the cost of the handset and you can be charged as much as 30pc APR.

The iPhone 8 costs £699 upfront while the Samsung Galaxy S8 will set you back £689. The cheapest sim-only contract thrown up by Billmonitor, the comparison site, is with Tesco Mobile and costs £7.50 a month, and comes with just 500 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB of data.

This makes the total cost of an iPhone 8 with O2’s contract £966 over two years, while buying the handset and going sim-only will only cost £879. A saving of almost £100.

In contrast, the 24-month contract with EE for the Samsung actually represents a saving on buying the handset upfront, costing £701.76 over two years, compared to £869 using the sim-only method.

Going with a contract? Log the end date

Today’s bombshell news, uncovered by Citizens Advice, revealed many continue paying for a handset long after they’ve already cleared the cost.


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