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The average American gets a new cell phone every two to three years. Some people are getting them because their cell phone contract is up.

Others just want the latest and greatest.

Whatever your reason for buying a new cell phone, what do you do with you old phone?

“I chose to get the iPhone 6 Plus, mainly because I have really long fingers. It fits my hands comfortably. But then I had to figure out if I should just keep my old phone,” said Devon Craig.

Craig could have kept his old phone to use it to store music, videos or pictures, or have it as a backup phone. Instead, he traded it in, at a local repair shop.

He went to Genius Phone Repair in Avon. Despite their name, they also buy and sell phones, laptops, computers and a variety of electronics.

“As for the deal I got, they gave me a trade-in credit for my old iPhone 5. It was like $80 I think. I definitely can’t complain about that,” said Craig.

Buying and selling locally is one way to guard against getting taken over the internet. Depending on where you go, it can also stretch your dollar.

“Customers are going to get 15% more going with Genius Phone Repair compared to a or any other competitor of that nature. And it’s also similar with cell phone carriers. They do in-store credit, but typically our price offerings are about 15% more,” said George Rogers, district manager for Genius Phone Repair

People can do online trade-ins, but then you have to pack up your phone, ship it off and hope you get what you were quoted.

“When somebody comes in to Genius Phone Repair, they know how much they’re going to get. Our representatives actually go by a price chart. We can tell you what your product is worth. We take into account the make and model and if it’s water damaged or has a cracked screen. And then we grade a customers’ phone by fair, good and mint condition,” said Rogers.

The process makes it pretty easy and fast for customers. For Devon Craig, it’s not only a better price, it’s safer than some other ways to sell your old device!

“To be honest, Craigslist is a no go for me right now. This world is not in really good shape. It’s not very safe, especially with electronics. Electronics have a lot of value and I didn’t feel like getting stuck up,” said Craig.

Genius also sells phones that are preowned. Many are in near mint condition.

“Here’s an example of what we sell phones for. Customers can come here and receive an iPhone 6 right now from $435 to about $500. So you’re talking about $200 to $300 savings from most places,” said Rogers.

And this is where you can stretch your dollar even more. If you’re buying one of their phones, they may give you more for yours, even if your old phone is basically so old it’s useless. It may just be $20, but every little bit counts.


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