Gearhead: Digital assistants, Nokia 3310, and superstar Mark Ronson – Ars Technica

One of the big benefits of the Ars Technica UK office is that it’s right next to Wired UK. It means that, aside from chastising Wired over its 9-out-of-10 LG G6 review, we can work together on projects that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. The first of those projects, Kelly and Rowland’s excellent political podcast UpVote, launched alongside Theresa May’s call for a snap general election. The second, an all-new podcast devoted to the latest technological gear and gadgetry, launches today.

The Gearhead podcast, hosted by myself, Wired product editor Jeremy White, and Wired senior editor Victoria Turk, is a monthly (maybe even more often!) deep dive into what’s hot in tech. Gearhead isn’t a news show—we won’t be reading out the headlines—but rather wrangling over new tech purchases, nonsense announcements, and how tech fits into our daily lives.


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