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A significant number of Samsung Galaxy S7 owners report that the camera lens of their device is shattering without any actual impact occurring, and so far Samsung appears to be refusing to cover such incidents under its warranty. As for why it’s happening, nobody knows — and now a law firm is investigating the issue.

Consumerist reported on one such incident on December 28, but a search on Google returns several results as far back as March (see here and here), shortly after the device launched. Samsung’s own user forums have several posts from affected customers as well. But the result in each case is the same, with Samsung insisting that the lens can only break under physical stress, and charging the customer for the repair, a $70 fix.

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Seattle-based law firm Keller Rohrbach said on Tuesday it was investigating complaints of the issue happening across the S7, S7 Edge, and S7 Active devices, but stopped short of saying it planned to sue. A statement asked affected users to contact the firm to discuss “potential legal claims.”

A legal case may have some merit, considering Samsung’s apparent position. Worse yet, the lens has shattered again after the repair in some cases. But what’s causing this to happen still doesn’t have a clear explanation.

One possible explanation could be some kind of external stress on the glass. The glass typically breaks as if it was shot through by a bullet. While completely anecdotal, many of the breakage incidents occur while the phone is in a protective case.

Could the tight fit of the case be putting some type of additional stress on the chassis which in turn is being transmitted to the glass (perhaps the glass is placed a bit too snug in the chassis itself)? Since we don’t have much to go on, it’s all speculation at this point.

Digital Trends reached out for comment from Samsung Wednesday afternoon, and we’ll update this post when and if we get an official response. In the meantime, there’s no clear solution to the problem and if it has happened to you, there might be little that you can do at this time, other than to try your luck with Samsung support.


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