Disneyland resort launches digital version of Fastpass, but it will cost you – Los Angeles Times

Disneyland’s Fastpass system, the ride reservation system that the park invented in 1999, has moved into the digital age.

The Anaheim resort launched a smartphone version of the ride reservation system Wednesday. It operates from the park’s smartphone app, and unlike the free reservation system that dispenses paper tickets from kiosks in the parks, the digital Maxpass costs $10 a day.

The digital pass underscores how the theme park industry offers customers upgrades, but for added costs, much as the airline industry has added charges to get a seat with extra legroom or better onboard food and drinks.

At Universal Studios Hollywood, for example, a one-day ticket for $110 increases to as much as $239 when it includes a pass to skip to the front of the line. At Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, visitors can pay up to $135 extra per day to get a device, called the Flash Pass, to make a reservation for a ride; the device sounds an alarm when it’s time to get on the ride.


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