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SHAWNEE, Okla.– A teen can thank his cell phone for saving him from a bullet.

It happened in the early morning hours Thursday at a Shawnee McDonald’s.

“911. What’s the address of your emergency?”

“We had somebody drive by and shoot somebody in our parking lot, and they sped off.”

“They’re in our store now and he’s bleeding…”

Surveillance video shows the teen with a group of other kids walk inside the restaurant.

You can see a drink in the boy’s hand as well as his cell phone.

Little does anyone know at the time the phone is about to save the teen from a bullet. Less than one minute after the teens go outside, a gun is fired.

They walk back inside and you can see the teen looking at his hand.

“The victim had a drink in his hand with a cell phone between the drink and his hand,” Shawnee Police Department Detective Jason Crouch said. “It went through the drink and into the cell phone, and it blew up the cell and in essence split his hand.”

His cell phone is shattered by the bullet and was collected as evidence against whoever did it.

“That’s the battery,” Crouch said. “I think it’s the battery that stopped the bullet.”

The teens say a man they’ve never seen before walked up and asked their names, and before they knew it he pulled a gun from behind his back and fired one shot at the teen’s torso.

“According to the victims they said they’ve never seen him before. Don’t know him. Didn’t have any words with anybody. No confrontations,” Crouch said.

The boy was rushed to the hospital, and his hand was stitched.

“The cell phone basically slowed down the bullet enough to where it just fell down on the sidewalk,” Crouch said.

Police say the suspect is an Indian or Hispanic male driving a gray car.


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