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Verizon HopeLine phone collection at Lambeau Field

As part of Domestic Abuse Awareness month, Verizon Wireless was at Lambeau Field, collecting used cell phones and accessories for victims of domestic abuse.

“What we’re trying to do is connect people back into their families, friends, their natural supports,” said Karen Michaels, executive director of Golden House in Green Bay, “and sometimes just to the victim service agency, so they can get those supports started again.”

Something as simple as a cell phone, or phone charger is making a big difference for victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

“We use them for minute phones, or 911 phones, so survivors or victims of domestic violence can reach out when they need to either emergency personnel, or if it’s a safety issue, to be able to reach out to family and friends, so they can’t experiencing that same level of isolation,” said Michaels.

Golden House, a domestic abuse program and shelter, is part of Verizon’s Hope Line Program. They collect used or new phones at big events, like Sunday’s Packers game, so the company can put them to good use.

“Any condition, any carrier,” said Colin Deval, Spokesperson for Verizon, “we accept the phones, they are refurbished and resold, and that provides cash grants that we donate to domestic violence shelters, organizations and education programs.”

The phones collected at Sunday’s game and throughout the year really add up. Since 2001, the program has collected more than $24 million in donations, and more than 11 million phones.

Verizon says they hope big events, like a Packers game, can help raise awareness, but they’re always collecting for this cause.

“Any day of the year in a Verizon store, bring in your old phone,” said Deval, “there’s a bin in the store so you can donate to Hope Line any day of the year.”


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