Can the iPad Pro really replace your laptop? – CIO

Note3tmo: “…what would make you consider an iPad Pro a laptop replacement, if anything at all? Better specs? More powerful apps?”

SoccerChimp: “I don’t think it’ll ever really be for those who consider themselves “pro.” For example people who are developers, make music, edit video etc, will usually need access to things like peripherals, accessories, and and a file system. That’s just not who the iPad is geared towards.

Someone like me however could replace a laptop for it. I’m a student and planning to go into academia or med school. I already see fantastic uses for the iPad Pro when it comes to taking notes for example. Even doing research And writing basic papers is doable.

And this area is where more powerful apps could help the iPad cement its position. For example more powerful versions of ms office so I can write a thesis or a more powerful excel to analyze the data from my labs and research.

When Apple says the iPad Pro can replace a laptop I don’t think they’re targeting the actual “pro” people that I first described. I think ultimately what they want is for it to replace the computers of people who spend most of their time on the web, social media, communication, and using apps like ms office. People like students, professionals, in academia, business people, etc.”

Glacier88: “I’d need unfettered access to the file system, windowed apps, mouse cursor support, and apps like Logic Pro X for it to be a complete desktop replacement. Until then there are things that I can do on a Mac that I simply cannot do on an iPad. It’s not up for debate. ”

Trulsemannen: “I love the iPad as a drawing device. I mainly use Procreate which is a fairly powerful app, but it doesn’t really come close to, say, Photoshop on Windows. When I work on my iPad I almost always have it on my desk, right in front of my two desktop monitors. I would never be able to work properly with just the iPad screen. Sure you can throw two windows up on the screen, but everything just feels so claustrophobic. Not just because the screen is small, but because, compared to Windows 10 (in my case), iOS only works well when you’re using one single app at a time. Anything else is just a hassle.

For a lot of people I’m sure iOS works well enough as a daily driver, but I honestly think the lack of a keyboard that can properly stand up on its own makes it a terrible laptop replacement for most people.”

Rokorre: “Sold my MacBook and live in iOS now.

It’s amazing and I’m never looking back I use both an iPhone and iPad everyday for work and it’s made me more productive and happier to do things.

I would have never even considered it before the pro came out.”

Thumperr: “I’ve been away from my iMac on business with my iPad Pro for the last three months. Only thing I needed from my Mac was iBooks Author.”

Macbookvirgin: “Well my Mac hasn’t been touched in 2 weeks so I guess it does replace a laptop for me.”

Telynor: “For me, it’s a laptop replacement with its current apps. I’m in the process of getting ready to sell my MBP and keep only my iPad Pro 12.9″. ”

Sindiewen: “I would love the iPad Pro as a computer. I love the idea of a tablet/hybrid with a detachable keyboard for more productivity like Microsoft Surface tablets.

But as a CS major, I would need a text editor,a compiler for various languages that run locally like C++, Python, Swift, Java… Easy access to the file system for organization and easily moving documents around. But to be honest I’m not complaining really because my Retina MacBook Pro Is perfect for my needs.”

Themightytiny: “Not unless it runs a desktop OS. I can’t work without a file system. I need desktop apps too. I need Photoshop, I need CMYK support and custom tool presets. I need fonts. I need to save my files to a folder on the desktop, or wherever. I need to access my home network.

So no, it’s not just apps, it’s iOS. It’s too limited/restrictive and it cannot replace a desktop OS.”

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