At least two cameras and a quick-thinking Air Force veteran helped scare off a group of would-be robbers and kept a Nevada couple from losing some of their valuables.

Joseph Mueller got an alert on his phone Tuesday morning that his house alarm had been triggered. Ge checked his surveillance cameras on his phone and saw at least one person inside his Summerlin home, he told NBC affiliate KSNV.

Mueller called his neighbor, Brett McCann, before contacting police. He knew McCann could get there sooner, he told the station.

“I grabbed my gun and came out front,” McCann, an Air Force veteran, told the station.

McCann was also armed with something else that was threatening to the robbers — his cell phone camera. He started recording, which apparently scared the four men into leaving their plunder at the front door of the home.

Mueller’s wife, Margaret Allred-Mueller, posted McCann’s footage on Facebook with the message: “Please watch the video and share! Maybe someone can help identify the four men who kicked in our front door.”

Allred-Mueller’s video has since been shared more than 64,000 times.

Randy Sutton, a retired Las Vegas police lieutenant, said McCann’s brave actions might help catch the suspects — even though they were “exceedingly dangerous.”

The day after the Mueller’s home was robbed, a group of men matching the descriptions of three of the four men who attempted to rob the Muellers’ house were caught on surveillance video robbing another Las Vegas-area home.

Those suspects got away with valuables before police arrived, according to police.

Police said they have not confirmed whether the two incidents are related.