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Petty theft, Richmond Road:
Officers responded to the store, Glitter, at Richmond Town Square Mall Oct. 24 after an employee reported his cell phone was stolen from under a counter. A mall security officer was questioning a Garfield Heights boy, 14, who was at the store when the employee briefly left. The boy said he was at the mall with his mother and he did not take the man’s phone and he left the store to go to the restroom. The security officer found the case to the phone in the trash in the restroom. The boy’s mother was located and told officers her son has been known to make bad decisions and he should be held responsible if it was determined he stole the phone. An officer spoke to the boy and told him surveillance video would be reviewed to see if he took the phone, but the man did not want him arrested if it was returned. The boy asked the officer to follow him to the restroom and the officer waited outside while the boy went in and retrieved the phone. The officer told him he made a bad decision to take the phone, but made a good choice to return it. The boy apologized to the officer, the man and his mother for his behavior.

Grand theft, Audrey Drive:
A man, 71, said Oct. 21 he suspected his ex-wife stole 13 golf clubs from his home and he believes she sold them for drugs. He said he paid over $1,500 for them. Officers spoke to the 52-year-old woman, who is also the man’s roommate, and she denied stealing the gold clubs. She was not arrested due to a lack of evidence.

Petty theft, Whiteway Drive:
A woman reported Oct. 24 someone stole a TV, valued at $150, from her apartment while she was not home. There were no signs of forced entry. She said she was certain she locked the door, but it was found unlocked when she arrived home.

Theft from auto, Richmond Road:
A man reported Oct. 24 items were stolen out of his car while it was parked at his aunt’s house, where he resides. Among the items he said were stolen was an iPhone, three bottles of prescription pills and an envelope, containing $386 cash. He estimated the value of the cell phone at $280 and said he could not track it because he only used it for music and it was not activated. He told officers he always leaves the car unlocked with the key and his wallet inside of it because he would misplace them if he didn’t.

Petty theft, Richmond Road:
A Cleveland woman, 25, was arrested at JC Penney Oct. 23 for the suspected theft of 16 clothing items, valued at $430. The items were found in her purse and in a stroller she was pushing. A friend, who was with her, was allowed to leave with the stroller because it did not appear she knew what the woman was doing. The woman said the reason she had stolen the items was because a store employee was rude to her when she asked for a shopping cart.

Arson, Whiteway Drive:
Officers responded to the D building at Loganberry apartments at 2:15 p.m. Oct. 24 for a report of a fire in a stairwell. A security officer had extinguished the fire before they arrived. It appeared someone had placed an incendiary substance on top of a fire extinguisher housing unit and the plastic had melted off the wall burning an area of carpeting. Officers spoke to some kids the security officer saw in the hall prior to the fire, but determined they were not responsible for the fire. There were no other pieces of evidence or witnesses to the event.

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