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Any moment away from a cell phone might seem like separation from the world.

“My phone is important. I use it to communicate with people. I use it for school, emails,” Melissa Holderfield said.

For some people, dropping their phone and seeing a cracked screen is no big deal. No repair is necessary.

“If it was something that impacted the phone, right away. If it didn’t impact my phone. I’m not going to do it,” Jane Fogle said.

That fits in with the latest information released from Motorola.

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In this year’s Shattered Screen Study, it says that 21% of cell phone users around the world have a broken screen and are doing nothing.

“We actually see quite a bit of cell phone repairs. It’s amazing how many people have a phone that’s cracked that they’re just not bringing it in to get fixed,” Batteries Plus technician Mark Fox said.

Some people are using temporary solutions like tape, but that might not be the best way to go.

The biggest reason people hold off on a fix is cost. Fox says a screen replacement ranges from around $70 to closer to $200, but he says you can either pay that now, or pay for it even more later.

“They’re going to get a lot less for that trade-in value than they would if they got that phone repaired and then trade it in. It’ll add about 95-percent value to their phone by having it fixed,” Fox said.

It’s a saving that could be as valuable as the phone itself.

The study from Motorola also shows nearly one out of every four people are keeping a broken screen even after the glass left a scratch.


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