Amazon’s touchscreen Echo leaks again, in two colors – The Verge

After an earlier leak this morning, we now have clearer images of Amazon’s rumored touchscreen Echo. Evan Blass at VentureBeat tweeted images of the device in both white and black, so it seems buyers will have some basic customization choices. The white is pictured above. Here’s the black:

These images clearly show that the touchscreen will augment Alexa capabilities. Now users can ask what’s on their calendar and see it produced on the screen. They’ll also be able to view the weather and time if they don’t want to ask Alexa. Some sort of messages appear to be kept in the right-hand corner, too. Given that there’s a camera at the top of the device and a built-in speaker, it’s possible users could be able to make video calls or even take photos.

CNET previously reported the the touchscreen Echo could be revealed this month. With these higher-res images now out, it’s entirely possible that might be the case. Exciting!


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