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NEW YORK—Acer’s big press conference last year brought new Chromebooks for work, a new Aspire laptop, and a tablet for the elderly. This year, the company focused on machines that appeal to every level of gamer as well as those of us who want a laptop that won’t break the bank. Acer announced additions to the Swift and Switch laptop families, all of which are more budget-friendly than their predecessors. The company also unveiled a whole new line of gaming laptops geared toward casual gamers plus a few new devices for the hardcore gamer that require portability as well as power.

A swift gear switch

A big theme of this year’s event was building: Acer debuted a few high-end notebooks last year including the Swift 7 ultrabook and the Aspire Switch 12. This year, the company built on those laptop families with more accessible models—the Swift 7 now has siblings with the Swift 1 and 3 notebooks. The Swift 1 models will likely be good options for the back to school season with their all-metal design, 14.95mm profile, and 13.3-inch FHD displays. Acer estimates the Swift 1 notebooks will get up to 10 hours of battery life, and considering they don’t have many bells and whistles (no high-end GPUs, no biometrics), the devices should last at least all day.


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